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About the Living Lab

In Trikala, the Living Lab will address the improvement of the efficiency of water management in rural areas, by involving water utilities, regional administration and the city of Trikala.

There are several challenges in managing water resources. According to the current Trikala municipal Business Plan for the period 2014-2019, 0.6% of the municipality surface is covered by water. During the summer months the danger of drought is imminent. In addition, there is an organic degradation of water flows due to nearby farms, processing units and livestock waste and urban wastewater.

Thus, in the agricultural region of Trikala, the good management of water resources has been prioritised not only for farming purposes, but also for citizens and their everyday needs. In this context, connectivity and digitalisation of water management can be an opportunity for a better development.

Living Lab coordinator: ATHENA
Domain: Rural and Agriculture

Focal question

How to better manage water resources for the benefit of both farming purposes and the everyday needs of the citizens?

  • Trace shortcomings in the existing water value chain.
  • Identify gaps and needs of the local society.
  • Address digital solutions to cover community’s needs.
  • Examine the integration of various DGCs (digital game changers) to enhance water stewardship and standardisation measures for optimal water usage in the local society; and more efficient water usage for industrial/city/rural end-user needs.
Main stakeholders
  • Public authorities: Municipality of Trikala, Municipal Development Agency “E-Trikala SA”, Trikala Municipal Water Supply Company

Key documents

Policy brief: Sustainable water management practices

National Policy Analysis: Greece

Practice Abstract: Sustainable water management

Digital Stories