The following features developed within DESIRA project will provide stakeholders working in the fields of agriculture, forestry and rural development with practical tools to facilitate their work and to have a better understanding of the projects’ results.

DGCs visualisation tool

The Taxonomy and Inventory of Digital Game Changers will be made easily accessible to users, developers, and policy-makers by search, retrieval and online visualisation features.

Upcoming (May 2023)

Socio-Economic Impact tool

Following the definition of the socio-economic impact model in WP1, this tool will implement the model in a stand-alone modern and user-friendly application and allow the audience to apply it in scenarios.

Upcoming (May 2023)

Virtual Farm Platform (VFP)

A virtual environment, developed through virtual reality technology, where users can navigate through in order to access information, educational resources, and inspiration for digital opportunities applicable to their own needs and contexts.

Upcoming (May 2023)