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About the Living Lab

The Living Lab will look at how to organise short food supply initiatives that can contribute to a more sustainable local food system, alongside strengthening the ties between Oosterwold and Almere in The Netherlands.

The targeted area of this Living Lab is Oosterwold, an area that is situated at the fringe of the city of Almere (approx. 210 000 residents). Oosterwold should provide 10% of the future food basket of the Almere in the near future. However, the current residents have a predominantly urban background, and although committed to the areas’ ambitions, they have neither sufficient experience nor expertise in short food supply chains. Currently, most surplus of food products are exchanged between neighbours (by using local Facebook groups), though with a rising number of new residents in the area the excess of food products is rising too.

In the area networks of producers (private, semi-professionals and professionals) are emerging and there is the need to find how to organise a short supply chain to exchange the area’s products, within and beyond the area.

Living Lab coordinator: Wageningen University and Research
Domain: Agriculture, Rural

Focal question

How can digital systems/platforms contribute to the exchange of knowledge of short food supply chains?

  • Improve the exchange of knowledge and experiences with short food supply chains in Oosterwold using digital technologies.
  • Support innovative local short food supply chain(s) by using digital technologies, both within Oosterwold, and between Oosterwold and the city of Almere.
Main stakeholders
  • National authorities: Ministry of agriculture & food/RVOB

  • Regional public authority: Province of Flevoland representative

  • Local public authority: Oosterwold Authority  (Area official, area manager and area communication officer; Chief Councillor/representative Municipality Almere; Chief Councillor/representative Municipality Zeewolde).

  • Local business: Boerderij Vliervelden; Rabo Bank

  • Local organisations: Chair local platform

  • Food outlet/short supply chain: Foodmarket Oosterwold (local food exchange platform)

  • Media: Newspaper Almere vandaag and Omroep Flevoland (online)

Key documents

Policy brief: Towards urban agriculture in 2030

National Policy Analysis: The Netherlands

Practice Abstract: Oosterwold, The Netherlands  

Digital Stories