The region
About the Living Lab

The Living Lab will look at how to make improvements in the use of tools to achieve the transition to smart rural community. It will take place in Northern Greece and coordinated by the American Farm School of Greece.

The Living Lab’s work can be seen as an important building block for a smart rural development. Rural digitalisation is lagging ever more behind, although it is important to connect remote areas by offering advanced digital services by exploiting the existing agricultural digital infrastructure.

An important step is to showcase the means for transitioning from a mainly agricultural rural society to a broader smart rural environment, adopting the latest IoT technologies and making use of the technological and social capital to its full capacity. Nevertheless, there are some challenges to overcome and important aspects to consider, such as how to create smart communities and how to increase transparency of transactions in the value chain.

Living Lab coordinator: American Farm School/ATHENA
Domain: Agriculture and Rural

Focal questions

How to develop new digital services for rural communities based on using the existing agricultural infrastructure and tools?

How can these services support economy and farmers’ income in rural communities?

  • Understand the use of current infrastructure and services, identify patterns of use.
  • Identify rural community needs for digital services.
  • Understand how to enable the multi-use of current infrastructure (agricultural and rural).
  • Identify the criteria to assess the impact of digital game changers.
Main stakeholders
  • Farmers: Team involved in the Living Lab.

  • Public authority: Regional Administrative Units

  • Digital Service & Network Providers

Key documents
Digital Stories