The EU Rural Digitisation Forum (RDF) implements a series of activities that will allow stakeholder to participate in the project to the level of engagement they are interested in. All the members of the Forum receive notifications by email informing about the main results of the DESIRA project. In addition, all members will have the opportunity to engage in specific activities and platforms set up under the RDF with specific purposes:

  • The RDF meetings. Three face-to-face meetings will be conducted over the course of the DESIRA project with a limited number key stakeholders to contribute to specific DESIRA research outputs such as identifying the digital game changers in rural areas, building DESIRA’s conceptual framework, developing the socio-economic impact assessment framework, carry out an EU-level digital scenario exercise, and contribute to the development of policy recommendations. Meetings will be limited to 30 to 40 participants. See the first meeting taking place on 10 September 2020.

  • The Four RDF Working Groups (WGs) on Agriculture, Forestry, Rural Areas and Policies. Four dedicated expert WGs formed by reputed stakeholders (e.g. academics, networks representatives, stakeholder groups, policy makers, representative from other H2020 projects, etc.) willing to provide outstanding contributions to the research activities of the project (e.g. brainstorming, feedback, foresight, etc.) and keen to develop common activities and outputs such as scientific articles, webinars, etc). Membership of the RDF WGs will be limited and restricted to invited participants to ensure the efficient dynamics and contributions of the relevant stakeholders engaged (between 10-20 members in each WG).

  • The RDF community on Facebook is the virtual platform that allow the exchange and interaction between all stakeholders and members of the Rural Digitisation Forum. about local experiences and initiatives, news, events, knowledge and information in relation to digitalisation of rural areas. (Join the community here!)

  • DESIRA Living Labs are organized locally to work around a specific focal question in relation to digitalisation, and explore future scenarios and policy responses. (Find more information about the Living Labs here!)

Join the RDF now, and be part of a growing community working in shaping the rural areas of the future.