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Policies blocking or boosting digital transformation will play a pivotal role in the future of agriculture, forestry and rural areas. Different policy documents and strategies highlight both the significant impacts that digitisation and disruptive technologies might have in rural areas, and the challenges and impacts of these technologies in the EU territories.

DESIRA is developing a Policy Roadmap that addresses the main obstacles and policy gaps identified and aligns the digital game changers in agriculture, forestry and rural life to societal needs. It will propose building blocks and policy pathways to support smart, inclusive and sustainable digitisation of rural areas, focusing on integrating the RRI approach and Sustainable Development Goals in the policy process. Join our next Rural Digitalisation Forum workshop to contribute to drafting the DESIRA Policy Roadmap! Stay tuned, a draft agenda will follow soon.

Don’t forget to book the date in your calendar, and join us to contribute to the future of rural digitalisation!