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A series of webinars will be offered in September and October 2021, with six workshops on digital opportunities for municipalities.

The advent of digital technology has brought about a real industrial and social revolution. It is not stopping at the highest peaks of the Alps. Digital technology is changing our behaviour: the way we work, communicate and live our daily lives.

The coronavirus pandemic has clearly shown us to what extent we all benefit from this digital transition. In an environment where freedom of movement is limited and social and economic life is largely virtual, people and businesses are more dependent on the Internet than ever before. The digital infrastructure enables us to continue to maintain our social ties and work despite the health crisis.

Municipalities are facing this societal change and are finding that the models of the past no longer work. To remain attractive, they must offer their populations and businesses digital solutions for tourism, mobility and communication. The improvement of infrastructures does not only involve the development of the road network, but also better broadband equipment to meet the needs of the population, even outside periods of crisis.

An opportunity for the development of municipalities

New technologies are an opportunity and can be a driving force for a better quality of life, new forms of work and thus for competitiveness. The six thematic online workshops of our cycle will allow you to discover good practices, to exchange with experts and practitioners, and to identify new solutions for your community. From the marketing of local products through digital solutions to the support of young entrepreneurs by municipalities or digital mobility solutions, we show how your municipality can meet the challenges of the digital native age.

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