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The Rural Digitalisation Forum (RDF) is a platform, set-up within the DESIRA project, bringing together a wide range of stakeholders working on digitalisation of rural areas. The RDF aims to be a space for sharing experiences, ideas and recommendations, and communicating them across Europe.

In this first RDF meeting, participants will:

  • exchange about the results of the Pan-European assessment on digitalisation of rural areas carried out by DESIRA;
  • get a common understanding of the key conceptual foundations of the project, namely digital transformation, digital game changers and socio-cyber-physical systems;
  • discuss the practical implications of the mapping and taxonomy of digital technologies based on the analysis of about 600 digital tools and applications from across the EU;
  • learn about the draft set of socio-economic and sustainability indicators for measuring the impacts of digitalisation in agriculture, forestry and rural areas.

Background documents


  1. Introduction to the day and the RDF, Enrique Nieto (AEIDL) | Presentation
  2. Introduction to DESIRA, Gianluca Brunori  (UNIPI) | Presentation
  3. The state of digitalisation in Europe – Preliminary results of the assessment on the state of digitalisation of rural areas, Michael de Clercq (Gent University ) | Presentation, Video
  4. DESIRA’s conceptual and analytical framework for the assessment of socio-economic impacts of digitalisation, Lurissa den Dulk (Wageningen University) | Presentation, Video
  5. Draft set of socio-economic sustainability indicators (SESI) for measuring the impacts of digitalisation in rural areas, Kirsten Gaber (KIT-ITAS ) | Presentation, Video
  6. Proposed classification of digital technologies – Practical implications of the mapping and taxonomy of digital technologies, Manlio Bacco (CNR), Silvia Rolandi (UNIPI) | Presentation, Video
  7. SHERPA – Sustainable Hub to Engage into Rural Policies with Actors, Michael Kull (Nordregio) | Presentation, Video
  8. SmartAgriHubs, Grigoris Chatzikostas (BioSense Institute) | Presentation, Video
  9. RURITAGE – Heritage for Rural Regeneration, Francisco Barrientos (CARTIF) | Presentation, Video


Please, do not hesitate to contact lga@aeidl.eu (Lucía Garrido) for further information.