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The workshop is intended to show and promote the DIONE Toolbox – a ready-to-market and unique fusion of innovative technologies in the service of improved agricultural monitoring – for Paying Agencies, Certification Bodies, Agricultural Consultants, Officials from Ministries to abide by the modernised CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and other agri-related regulations as well as for EO indystry players to explore the DIONE business offering.

Moreover, the workshop aims at encouraging the cooperation and the exchange of ideas and experiences among toolbox’s future users, technical developers, agri-experts, and scientists as well as at opening the disscusion related to operational, business and technical aspects of agricultural monitoring.

The event foresees to bring together all the abovementioned stakeholders from EU and Candidate Countries, who analysed the present state of agricultural monitoring in their countries, looking into the sector of modernised CAP regulations in the era of innovative technologies and novel solutions.