NEWS | These are the needs, expectations and impacts for digitalisation from the DESIRA Living Labs

A new batch of Practices Abstracts has been published! 21 documents featuring a short summary of the Needs, Expectations and Impacts (NEI) report, that DESIRA Living Labs carried out during 2021. These documents include the main needs that each LL must address related to its focal question, as [...]

2022-07-01T16:23:15+02:00June 3rd, 2022|

NEWS | Use case workshop of Rhineland Palatinate Living Lab

On 12 May 2022, the German DESIRA Living Lab in Rhineland-Palatinate carried out its use case workshop in Betzdorf. The purpose was to refine an use case focusing on digital potentials for the social cohesion in the region. Based on the project results generated so far in the living lab, [...]

2022-07-01T16:23:15+02:00May 24th, 2022|

ARTICLE | Policy options for an enhanced digital future

A recent report completed by FiBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland) and all Living Lab (LL) coordinators, summarises possible digital futures in various contexts across the EU as well as stakeholders’ views on these potential developments. The work suggests a range of corresponding policy options to either mitigate negative impacts associated with digitalisation or to support an enhanced digital trend associated with positive impacts. 

2022-06-08T09:52:30+02:00April 4th, 2022|

NEWS | Building future scenarios for forest fires in Andalusia

The Living Lab coordinated by University of Córdoba is working on the topic of forest fires in Andalusia. This is an increasingly recurrent phenomenon with an everchanging and more unpredictable behaviour. Few months ago, the fire initiated in Sierra Bermeja (Málaga) was “unusual in our country” -as stated [...]

2022-07-01T16:24:10+02:00January 4th, 2022|

NEWS | Needs, expectations and impacts of digitalisation in EU agriculture, forestry and rural areas

DESIRA has carried out a synthesis report on the Needs, Expectations and Impact (NEI) of digitalisation on agriculture, rural areas, and forestry. This synthesis report includes a comparative analysis of socio-economic impacts of digitalisation using the basis of the 21 NEI regional reports elaborated by each Living Lab [...]

2022-07-01T16:24:11+02:00December 22nd, 2021|

NEWS | Croatian Living Lab holds their Scenario Planning workshop

The Croatian Living Lab, coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Directorate for Professional Support to Agricultural Development organised their Scenario Planning workshop on September 24 in Poreč.

2022-07-01T16:24:11+02:00November 12th, 2021|

NEWS | Digital Futures in Coigach, Scotland: Scenario Planning workshops

On 7 October 2021, the Scottish DESIRA Living Lab met with ten residents of Coigach in their village hall along with virtual representatives from the Scottish Government participating online.

2022-07-01T16:24:11+02:00October 14th, 2021|

NEWS | Scenario Planning workshop in the Oosterwold Living Lab (NL)

The DESIRA Living Lab Oosterwold (The Netherlands) met face-to-face on 21 September for its scenario planning workshop. This Living Lab looks at how to organise urban agriculture initiatives that can contribute to a more sustainable local food system, alongside strengthening the ties between Oosterwold and Almere in The [...]

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