The digital decade begins now! Europe is undergoing a digital transformation that relies on providing access to gigabit connectivity and 5G services to all European citizens by 2030. There are outstanding broadband deployment projects across the continent implementing successful infraestructures, and to reward them, the European Commission relaunched the European Broadband Awards 2022.

Candidate projects for the European Broadband Awards were assessed by a jury composed of five European broadband experts with comprehensive experience, and the final winners were announced  at the Award Ceremony, which took place on 27 September 2022 in Brussels.

8 out of the 16 finalists from Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, Spain and Sweden have been awarded due to their effort in implementing the digital transformation. Shortlisted projects fit in the following categories:

  • Innovative models of financing, business and investment
  • Cost reduction measures and co-investment
  • Socio-economic impact in rural and remote areas
  • Demand generation and take-up of connectivity
  • Quality and affordability of services

The Broadband Awards have recognised the Digital Nord Pas-de-Calais project for the quick coverage of a large area with fibre optics. Nearly 93,000 homes in Yvelines have high-speed connections thanks to attracting private investment to a sparsely populated area. The winning fibre-optic project in Lichtenstein ensures 25,000 households have competitive deals for communication services. 

The public-private collaboration in Navarra,, was also granted the award as it leads to broadband access for all municipalities of varying population sizes. The Bautzen broadband project allows 8,800 businesses to adapt to demands for remote work, and the Broadband Deployment Project in St. Nikolai im Sausal guarantees access to fibre to all local SMEs.

The jury also applauded the cross-border cooperation to roll out optic fibre across a forested area, as well as EllaLink, an underwater information highway linking more than 65 million users and 12,000 institutions in Europe and Latin America.

For the category Socio-economic impact in rural and remote areas, the other two projects that were selected are:

  • Erro Smart Valley, Spain. The project provides high-capacity connectivity to all the inhabitants of the Erro Valley, eliminating the digital gap between the city and rural areas.
  • Broadband expanse in North Hesse, Breitband Nordhessen, Germany. The five administrative districts of Kassel founded their own infrastructure company to make sure that all community areas within the five districts have sustainable broadband internet connections.

Find out more information about the nominated innovative broadband deployment projects here.