Registrations for the Rural Pact Conference are closed! This high-level event will bring together on 15 & 16 June 2022 in Brussels EU, national, and regional politicians along with local authorities, social and economic stakeholders. 450 attendees overall to reflect on the rural vision’s ambition and bottom-up character.

It will engage participants in designing the governance of the Rural Pact and gather commitments for the achievement of the Long-Term Vision for the Rural Areas. To do so, the conference will include high-level plenaries in which political and grassroots representatives will present proposals and show how each level of governance can act for rural areas. The aim is to put the spotlight on the key role these territories can play in Europe’s future. 

The event will also include bottom-up breakout sessions where participants will voice their views on how to manage the Rural Pact, exchange their experience and propose specific actions they can take to contribute to achieving the vision’s goals. 

There will be no shortage of opportunities for networking and, for those who cannot attend in person, they will have the chance to see the Rural Pact Conference in streaming, but only the plenary sessions. 

Find the agenda here.