The Croatian Living Lab, coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Directorate for Professional Support to Agricultural Development organised their Scenario Planning workshop on September 24 in Poreč.

The Living Lab aims at determining the importance of digitalisation in connecting local agriculture and tourism in the Adriatic region, and the activities of members will be carried out by organising and conducting workshops.

The workshop was attended by 14 members of the Living Lab, namely representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, the ICT sector, farmers and the tourism sector. The question of the scenario that was discussed at the meeting was “How digital technologies will improve the promotion and sale of local agricultural products in the tourism market by 2031?”.

Members of the working group commented on the drivers of change. Attendees were divided into two groups and 4 scenarios were defined of which two draft scenarios that are ‘probable positive scenario’ and ‘probable negative scenario’. The names of the scenarios were as follows: “Rurally coloured digital life” and “Elite, local, ecological, digital tools (ELEDA)”. The groups worked out the elaboration of individual scenarios and jointly summarised the main elements of the draft scenario and discussed it. After that, each group made a timeline of future events to realise their scenario.

Participants concluded that in the future, digital solutions will play a key role in linking local agriculture and tourism, and we all agreed on the main directions for development.