The Rural Digital Europe community is the DESIRA OpenAIRE Dashboard. It brings together publications and research outcomes related to digitalisation and its socio-economic impact in rural areas, agriculture and forestry. The dashboard acts as a single point of access for the research community, scientists and other relevant stakeholders, facilitating their research and work.

The community, set up by DESIRA in collaboration with OpenAIRE, is linked to 16 Zenodo communities. In addition, it makes available publications, data, software and research outcomes from 82 projects that are dealing with the assessment of socio-economic benefits of digitalisation in agriculture, forestry or rural areas.

At the moment, the Rural Digital Dashboard covers a wide range of subjects, from specific digital game changers (unmanned vehicles, ArcGIS, remote sensing), to agricultural practices and techniques (precision agriculture, precision farming, weed detection, weed control), covering broad subjects as digitalisation of agriculture, forestry and rural areas.

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