The Conceptual and Analytical Framework (CAF) of DESIRA elaborates on the theoretical underpinning of the project, which helps to shape all the activities implemented, namely:

• digital transformation;

• the Socio-Cyber-Physical system;

• digital game changers; the socio-economic impact

The report sets out a line of reasoning and causality among these project concepts.

The CAF unravel digital transformation in agriculture, forestry, and rural areas by trying to understand what, why, how, when and where transformation occurs. Digital transformation can be described as an ongoing and iterative process, which encompasses processes of both digitisation and digitalisation. The second key concept is Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems (SCPS), a concept that enables the project the characterisation of systems that are being transformed by the entangling digital, physical and social worlds through a multiplicity of technologies. The last concept is related to digital technologies, the key element in digital transformation, and their role as Digital Game Changers in the SCPS.

For more information on the CAF, and the three analytical tools, you can read the full report, the Briefing of each concept and the authors’ presentations under the Rural Digitalisation Forum (RDF) that took place on 10 September this year.