Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DESIRA partners had to divide the General Assembly into several online meetings. On 23 July 2020, the Scenario Planning Training concluded this series of events.

The meeting introduced Living Labs Coordinators to the concept of Scenario Planning. A preliminary report has been produced, containing the guidelines on how the Scenario Planning concept might be implemented in two rounds of Living Labs workshops expected by 2021. The feedback gathered during this session will be used to produce a final version of these guidelines, expected by October 2020.

Based on an explorative methodology, DESIRA partners will develop a range of plausible outcomes for the future (the time horizon is 2030), based on the past and present situations, and taking into account the Digital Game Changers identified by the project. Results of the scenario development will be represented through ‘digital storytelling’.

After the Scenario Planning workshops, five scenarios will be selected from the outputs of the 20 Living Labs to develop the use cases. The use cases, which will be selected with the support of the Rural Digitalisation Forum, will describe the interactions between social actors and cyber-physical systems and will be focused on digital solutions.