A second training organised by DESIRA Work Package 2 leaders on 8 July 2020, focused on providing Living Labs with the necessary tools that will help them assess the impacts of digitalisation in their specific areas.

Through online surveys and participatory assessments, Living Labs will be able to identify and collect important information on the implications of digitalisation, its challenges and opportunities within their local contexts.

Particularly, through online surveys, Living Labs will collect more standardised qualitative information from a wide range of stakeholders. The survey focuses on different topics that can easily be adapted to meet the specific Living Lab focal questions. A highlighted topic focuses on how digital technologies contribute to achieve sustainability targets.

Additionally, the participatory assessments through workshop formats aim to gather relevant stakeholders and discuss the Living Lab focal questions.

The training organised recently, aimed to guide Living labs in how to make use of these tools and how to present and explain specific concepts such as digitalisation impacts or socio-cyber-physical systems to a varied audience of stakeholders.

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