On 26 June 2020, our DESIRA partner and project coordinator, the University of Pisa held the third online seminar within the series of meetings on the topic ‘Digitalisation in agriculture: a challenge for interdisciplinary research’.  The seminar was organised by Alessandra Di Lauro and Gianluca Brunori with the collaboration of the Pisa University programmes PAGA, PROGEVUP and BSQA.

The specific event focused on ‘Digital food: experiences and perspectives for the responsible innovation’ discussing digital food applications, presenting several practical experiences in the wine sector or food production, and sharing perspectives for digitalisation in the food sector. During the workshop it was underlined that a strategy for digitalisation is needed, also at the regional level, that identifies specific problems of the territories and sets priorities, to improve coordination and monitor impact.

The high participation and engagement in the discussion showed the importance of the topic and confirmed the relevance of our DESIRA project as well as its potential when using an interdisciplinary approach.