DESIRA partners met online on 26 June 2020 to discuss two of the main communication activities of the project: the first batch of Practice Abstracts, and the set-up of the Rural Digitisation Forum (RDF) Working Groups, focused on agriculture, forestry and rural areas.
The Rural Digitisation Forum is a EU-wide community aimed at sharing knowledge about the digitalisation of agriculture, forestry and rural areas. During the meeting, the coordinators of the three RDF Working Groups organised an interactive session to identify the main objectives, topics and activities to develop within the groups.
The RDF community is already active on Facebook, and its first meeting will be held (virtually) on 10 September 2020.
The meeting also served to clarify the process for the development of 50 Practice Abstracts that will be published in September 2020. They will present 50 digital tools and technologies, selected from a total of 900 which have been identified in Work Package 1 earlier this year (see list of deliverables).