This section provides a selection of the most relevant publications and useful resources that will be produced within the DESIRA project.

The main DESIRA reports and working documents will have a great impact for relevant stakeholders in the fields of agriculture, forestry and rural development.



Scientific publications are an effective way to disseminate high level project information and to attract the interest of representatives of the various target groups.

DESIRA is a complex project, based on a participatory approach. Its core activities will be based on the work of 20 living labs and a Rural Digitization Forum, so most of the collected data will be originated by the organized interaction with stakeholders. DESIRA will capitalize on already existing data and will integrate them with new data.

Policy briefs are short documents illustrating the characteristics of the most relevant issues emerging in the scenario development exercise.

Upcoming (November 2021)

These documents are a short summary with a synthesis of Use Cases and Showcase technology, illustrating the characteristics of the most relevant ICTs applied (at present and in the future).

Upcoming (September 2020)

The Training Kit will develop capacity and enable ongoing impact assessment and scenariodevelopment in rural areas and accelerate knowledge creation beyond those in direct contact with the project.

Upcoming (May 2023)

A clipping of the most relevant references to the DESIRA project in online and offline media are available in this section.