Through an online questionnaire answered by the project consortium, DESIRA has identified and described more than 600 digital tools with different functions, which have been clustered in different groups according to the domain in which they can be used (agriculture, forestry, and rural areas). Then, they were further differentiated in sub-domains or specific application scenarios. Each tool exploits one or more digital technologies with the potential of acting as digital game-changers (DGCs).

This work will support the 20 Living Labs, by providing an inventory of digital tools of interest for agriculture, forestry, and rural areas; application scenarios derived from this inventory; and qualitative evaluations of socioeconomic impacts of the digital technologies.

The toolkit, which is currently under development, will enable a wide range of stakeholders to better understand the reciprocal influences between technology and social structure and dynamics.

The preliminary taxonomy of digital technologies was presented at the first meeting of the Rural Digitalisation Forum, were it was highlighted that this toolkit will be useful to different stakeholders – such as advisors – to analyse how digital technologies affect a particular domain or scenario.

Find here the presentation and the briefing on the mapping and taxonomy of digital technologies.