As part of the project coordination efforts, the Steering Committee met online today, 3 July 2020, to revise the work carried out since the last meeting, as well as to plan the activities for the upcoming months.

Work Package leaders presented the main progress of this short period and discussed the next steps to take:


  • Work Package 1 has been working on the Conceptual and Analytical Framework (CAF). After the Participatory Theory Building workshop, a working group formed by WP1 coordinators and five volunteering Living Labs will keep developing the first CAF.
  • Work Package 2 is focusing on assessing the past and present impacts of digitalisation. Last month, Work Package 2 leaders and Living Labs coordinators, met online to prepare the guidelines to analyse the impact of digitalisation in each of the 20 Living Labs set-up across Europe.
  • Work Package 3 is working on guidelines for a DESIRA scenario planning methodology, with contributions from all partners.
  • Although Work Package 4 has not officially started yet, partners are already paving the way for an effective assessment and development of a Policy Roadmap.
  • Work Package 5 is conceiving the online repository that will gather all the relevant information produced not only by DESIRA, but also by other Horizon2020 projects working on similar topics.
  • Work Package 6 is preparing the first meeting of the Rural Digitisation Forum that will take place on 10 September 2020. The virtual working groups on agriculture, forestry and rural areas have already been established and will be open to external members soon. Meanwhile, interested stakeholders and individuals are welcome to join the RDF community on Facebook.
  • The consortium is already preparing for the end of the first reporting period, which will happen later this year, together with the next General Assembly. Hopefully, the pandemic will allow partners to hold a face-to-face meeting!

The next Steering Committee meeting is planned for 9 September 2020.

See an overview of all Work Packages and deliverables of DESIRA here.

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